UNC Women’s Soccer Exhibition Matches

Over the weekend (April 8-9), the UNC women’s soccer team played three exhibition matches. I was on hand to see them go up against the North Carolina Courage of the NWSL on Saturday, and the University of Georgia and Virginia Tech on Sunday. Here’s some photos from all of the games…. Continue reading “UNC Women’s Soccer Exhibition Matches”

Fryingpan Mountain

Looking for a short, relatively easy hike with a unique experience? Look no further than Fryingpan Mountain! Located at Mile Post 409.6 along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and just a stone’s throw from Mt. Pisgah, Fryingpan Mountain offers panoramic views from atop a 70-foot tall lookout tower. Let’s climb on up and see exactly what it has to offer! Continue reading “Fryingpan Mountain”

Snow In Big Ivy

As the snow fell lightly outside my window, I packed up my gear with every intention of heading towards Dupont State Forest for some wintery waterfall pictures. But the further south I headed, the less wintery the scenery looked. I pulled off into a gas station to reevaluate the situation, and after looking at some radar images and maps on my phone, decided to turn around and head north instead. Just a few miles east of Barnardsville is an area of the Pisgah National Forest known as Big Ivy. Continue reading “Snow In Big Ivy”

When To Visit The Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore Estate is the largest privately owned home in America, and is one of the most visited destinations in North Carolina…attracting over 1 million people every year. With nearly 8,000 acres of gardens, trails, meadows, and ponds to explore, it certainly has a lot to offer. In this post, I’ll be discussing when the best times to visit are, as well as going over some touring strategies to make the most out of your trip. So, let’s leave the city life behind, and venture into a world of rolling mountains, lush gardens, green forests, and grandiose architecture that can only be found inside the Biltmore Estate! Continue reading “When To Visit The Biltmore Estate”

Skinny Dip Falls

Looking for one of the Blue Ridge Parkway’s best kept secrets??? Look no further than Skinny Dip Falls……..is something we would have been saying not too long ago. Today, however, you’ll be lucky to find a spot to park on a warm afternoon. But there is good reason for the newfound attention the falls have received. The easy accessibility and natural beauty have made Skinny Dip Falls a must see attraction in the area. That and the giant rock you can jump off of into the icy cold water! Let’s find out what else Skinny Dip Falls has to offer! Continue reading “Skinny Dip Falls”

Tips For Photographing Waterfalls

There’s not a whole lot in this world that compares to the natural beauty of a waterfall. Seeing one up close and personal is a liberating and almost magical experience. Feeling the power of the rushing water, seeing the harsh contrast between the falls and the rocks against the moss and delicate plants…it’s a spectacular sight. And it can also be a difficult thing to capture. In this post, we’ll be discussing some tips and tricks to capture the best waterfall pictures with whatever camera you’re wielding! Continue reading “Tips For Photographing Waterfalls”

Linville Falls

Linville Falls ranks near or at the top of any list of North Carolina waterfalls. It’s got powerful cascades, a large free fall, fascinating geology and history, and it’s in one of the most picturesque regions in the Southern Appalachians. It’s also one of the easiest accessible waterfalls on the Blue Ridge Parkway, making it heavily touristed during warmer months and during autumn. Lets explore what makes Linville Falls such a popular destination! Continue reading “Linville Falls”

Ranking Asheville’s Chocolatiers

Asheville is best known for several different things: unique art, refreshing beer, scenic mountains, the Biltmore Estate. But there’s one more thing that should be added to the list…CHOCOLATE! With a plethora of dining choices in town serving up decadent desserts, it’s not hard to find a place to clinch that sweet tooth craving. But for true chocolate lovers and savants, the real chocolate jewels will be found in the locally owned, fine artisan chocolate shops; French Broad Chocolates, The Chocolate Fetish, Chocolate Gems, and The Chocolate Lab. (There is a Kilwin’s located downtown, but for this article, we’re sticking with purely Asheville-grown places.) Let’s find out where each shop ranks!   Continue reading “Ranking Asheville’s Chocolatiers”

Catawba Falls

Looking for a relatively easy waterfall hike to do on a pretty weekend day??? Join the rest of western North Carolina at Catawba Falls! Located in the Pisgah National Forest around Old Fort, and only a 30 minute drive from Asheville, the easily accessible 1.5 mile hike to Catawba Falls offers something for just about every type of adventurer. Let’s take a tour and see exactly what it has to offer!  Continue reading “Catawba Falls”