Dry Falls

Dry Falls is a 65-75 foot tall waterfall located just 3 miles northwest of Highlands, NC. It’s easily accessible trail and roadside location make it a must stop for travelers visiting the area. Let’s take a look at what to expect when exploring Dry Falls!img_4584-pano

Dry Falls gets its name from the ability to walk around, beside, and behind the falls without getting wet. But visit after a heavy rain, when water flow is high, and it may as well be called Soaked Falls. The waterfall has been called Dry Falls for years, but has been referred to by other names, such as Upper Cullasaja Falls and High Falls.

Located directly beside US 64, the waterfall sees a lot of traffic, especially during touristy weekends. Unless you arrive early in the morning, expect company when exploring.

There is a parking lot with bathroom facilities, and the upper viewing platform is wheelchair accessible. The waterfall is kid friendly, but be sure to keep a close eye on them, as it is a steep drop if someone were to climb over one of the fences. Here’s the view from the upper overlook.img_4543img_4550-pano

From the upper overlook, follow the stairs and the winding, zig zagging trail to the bottom of the falls. From there, you can walk behind the waterfall and get an up close and personal view.img_4599img_4598img_4554-pano

When visiting, please practice safe waterfall exploring techniques. Don’t try to climb over fences or barriers and pay attention to marked warnings. Even if you think you’re being cautious, it only takes one slip to end up in a grim position at the bottom of the falls.

The best time to visit is early morning during the fall. The trees around and above the waterfall all turn a beautiful yellow and orange, which makes for a nice contrast between the rock grotto and the green moss ground layer. Comment below about your favorite time to visit (or a fun memory about) Dry Falls! img_4566-pano

*Directions: From Highlands, take US 64 west. The parking area will be on the left about 3.1 miles from the intersection of NC 106.



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