Kress Emporium

The Kress Emporium, located on the corner of Patton Avenue and Lexington Avenue in downtown Asheville, showcases the work of over 80 regional artists. Originally a S. H. Kress & Co. department store, the Emporium is now an integral part of the local arts and crafts scene, helping bring consumers (and art lovers) closer to handmade fine arts and collectibles. img_4742-pano

Samuel H. Kress envisioned all of his department store buildings to be works of public art, contributing greatly to the cityscapes they were integrated into. The Kress building in Asheville is no exception, drawing heavily on neoclassical motifs….featuring ceramic tile, intricate terracotta ornament, and strong vertical lines. Today, the building remains a rich architectural landmark, and is worth a visit just to appreciate the historic splender found in and around it.img_4701

But the main focus of the building today is the Emporium. Inside, you’ll find a large array of handmade art, crafts, jewelry, home goods, fashion, and unique gifts. Open 7 days a week, the Kress Emporium is a must stop for visitors and anyone looking for locally made pieces that are crafted to appreciate in value, and be a focal point wherever they find a home. The Emporium is truly a showcase for beautiful expression.img_4617-panoimg_4611-panoimg_4613-pano

The Kress Emporium is definitely worth a visit for anyone in the area, and is a great place to take a stroll and peruse some finely made crafts and art…and to also admire the historical qualities the building has to offer.

*For more information about the Emporium, and to learn more about the artists and galleries, visit the official website by clicking here.* img_4717-pano


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