Snow In Big Ivy

As the snow fell lightly outside my window, I packed up my gear with every intention of heading towards Dupont State Forest for some wintery waterfall pictures. But the further south I headed, the less wintery the scenery looked. I pulled off into a gas station to reevaluate the situation, and after looking at some radar images and maps on my phone, decided to turn around and head north instead. Just a few miles east of Barnardsville is an area of the Pisgah National Forest known as Big Ivy. Big Ivy (or locally known as the Coleman Boundary) provides an abundance of camping sites, hiking trails, mountain views, waterfalls, and most importantly for my adventure…snow. Here’s the view heading into the forest…. IMG_6149-Pano

During winter, a large portion of the area is closed to vehicles, but there are pretty views to be had for those who don’t mind walking and searching around a bit. Big Ivy is one of my go-to winter spots. There’s a picturesque creek with some cool cascades; there’s usually not a lot of people that head up there, so a lot of the snow is untouched and fresh; and it’s only about a 30-40 minute drive from Asheville. Here’s a few more shots from my trip. Comment below about some of your favorite winter spots. IMG_6120-PanoIMG_6006IMG_6058-PanoIMG_6043-PanoIMG_6123-PanoIMG_6041-PanoIMG_5986-PanoIMG_6101-Pano

One thought on “Snow In Big Ivy

  1. Elaine Birchfield

    Beautiful, as always, Chesley!!!! One of my favorite snow, fall, or anytime spots, is Big Snowbird over in Robbinsville. It is a photographer’s paradise, so you may want to check out, if you haven’t!! I SO enjoy your blogs!!! 🙂


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